Cheaper Airbnb in Budapest? Use this bonus coupon: “Airbnbbudapest” !

It is so so fantastic to see, how many people and countries are arriving to my flat, in Budapest.

Countries where from guests already visited me

Traveling is somehow the quintessence of a believe that we all are worth each others attention, visit, respect. 🙂

Here is what you should do:

You will get a free third day in this flat, with this coupon. All you need to do is is share this post anywhere in the internet: Facebook, in your blog, twitter. You should book regularly,  then I will send you a special offer with the lowered price! When you book, you will need to send me the link where you shared this page.

Here are my review summary from Airbnb

This is a limited offer, available until changed! If you want to be sure to get it, please contact in advance. You can book to days of April & May, November 2017! Only public sharing is accepted.

You are not an Airbnb user yet? Pick up another coupon worth 40USD, or 32 EUR of free money!!! 


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