ELUP (ELTE psychology) or VET, CEU, Semmelweis, Erasmus Students in Budapest: Rent a flat close to Oktogon!

  • For ERASMUS, ELUP (ELTE psychology), VET, CEU, Semmelweis Students and for others.
  • A perfect base for a psychologist student (across the street is the Faculty of Psychology of ELTE.) Right across the faculty of ELTE psychology.
  • Close to Király street, Városliget, Oktogon, Keleti and Nyugati Railway Station
  • 2 bedroom, +1 anteroom + 1 bathroom
  • basic kitchen facilities (induction plate, water boiler, microwave, toaster, fridge, Nespresso machine
  • Calm relaxed neighborhood
  • Plan your trip to your school, or job with Google maps
  • Google streetview: https://goo.gl/maps/kqhYvsa1SZG2
  • Move in from September, 2018
  • Call +36302807205

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Historical walks in the Hungarian Pompei: Aquincum Budapest

Maybe you do not have a time to travel to Budapest, or you visit Budapest, but miss the ruins and museum of the Roman time military town called Aquincum.

(Aquincum museum is opened in 1894, to show the ruins of a once military base (with its public bath and streets)  of the Roman Empire to protect the border of Rome, the Limes.) Continue reading “Historical walks in the Hungarian Pompei: Aquincum Budapest”